About Us

MLK Library Friends

MLK Library Friends is a nonprofit organization that supports the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Library through volunteer activities, fundraising and advocacy.

The Board

A board is responsible for the organization on a daily basis. Board members are elected annually in October by the membership. Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month and are open to the public. Members are encouraged to attend. Board officers for the 2013-14 term are:

  • Robin Diener, President
  • Dwight Barbour, Vice-President
  • Wendy Blair, Secretary
  • Treasurer

Available for download are our bylaws (pdf opens in a new window).

Board Activities and Projects

In 2013-14, the board will focus on:

Creating and participating in opportunities to discuss the renovation and overhaul of the landmarked central library building, and advising decision makers of members views

Expanding membership to library users throughout the District of Columbia

Supporting the Adult Literacy Resource Center at MLK in expanding and strengthening adult literacy programs throughout the library system as outlined in the Mayor’s Adult Literacy Council Report — Recommendation 4.0

In addition, the board is undertaking a review of its Bylaws.